Warranty Activation and Request

Warranty Agreement:

(I) Warranty period: 1 year limited warranty for the Carbon 100 Trekking Pole purchased from Blake Pro Gear and properly registered as listed in section (V) Full Refund policy applies if conditions are meet as described in section (VI),

(II) Warranty Coverage/Limitations: Blake Pro Gear warrants defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period for a set of Carbon 100 Trekking Pole. During the warranty Period, Blake Pro Gear will repair or replace, at no charge, products of a product that proves defective as determined by Blake Pro Gear because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. Blake Pro Gear does not warrant any accessories or bonus items provided, purchased or gifted for any products.

(III) Warranty Exclusion:

 Warranty is void if any of the following conditions are meet:

  • Carbon 100 Trekking Pole are for Personal Use only, Business use of these Carbon 100 Trekking Pole will void all warranties.
  • Improper Use of Carbon 100 Trekking Pole, Excessive use (As determined by Blake Pro Gear) will void the return for full refund warranty.
  • Blake Pro Gear will not approve warranty requests without proper registration of the product as described by section (V)
  • Consequential damages of Carbon 100 Trekking Pole
  • Warranty Activation and Agreement form is not completed within the first 30 days of ownership

(IV) What we will do if the Carbon 100 Trekking Pole fail: Blake Pro Gear will either repair or replace the Trekking pole(s) at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or provide a full refund of the purchase price including and shipping costs after a full inspection of the Trekking pole(s) is completed by Blake Pro Gear.

(V) Product Registration: Please fill out the form below to register your Carbon 100 Trekking Pole and activate your product warranty.

(VI) Full refund policy: A full refund of the purchase price and shipping cost of the Carbon 100 Trekking Pole will be provided if conditions set forth in section (III) are not meet, or if the product shows any signs of use as determined by Blake Pro Gear.

(VII) What should you do if you have a warranty request: Should you have a request for warranty coverage, please click here and fill out our warranty request form. You may contact us via email at info@blakeprogear.com or 347-494-1497 should you require any assistance.